Research Activities

The role and responsibilities of university faculty members are closely tied to the central functions of higher education. The integrating of teaching and research activities in universities has been informed by a growing demand to generate and disseminate knowledge to peers, students, and external audiences. 

In this context, researchers in Biochemistry and Biotechnology have played one of the most important roles in many demanding area to solve and update the existing knowledge both nationally and internationally. Although Biochemistry and Biotechnology have been started its journey in USTC since 2002 but no such initiative to create modern research facilities in the Department. We are hopeful to start new arena in continuing higher researches in the area of Biochemistry, Food Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, Phyto-Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology etc. As the present highest authority of USTC already has taken remarkable steps to purchase most of the modern instruments related Biochemistry and Biotechnology. This might be benefited for the faculties and students to start research activities in many of the recent demanding areas. At present, our faculties, undergraduate and graduate students are doing some research programs with the collaboration other university and research organization as well as by their own funding.

Current Research Project:

  1. Vitamin 12 Status in Women of Bangladesh in Reproductive Age. (URC Grant)

M.A. Hashem.

  1. Isolation And Characterization Of Pathogenic Microorganisms From Raw Fruits And Vegetables Collected From Local Market Of Chittagong. (URC Grant)

Baishakhi Biswas, Sabrina Amin.

  1. Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Evaluation of Yogurt Nutritionally Enriched with Fruits.

Mousumi Nath, Anika Tasnim, J. M. Kamirul Hasan Chowdhury, Nurul Absar

  1. Ligand Based Structural Insight Into G Protein Couple Receptor 52 Activations and Inhibition Through Modeling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. (M.S Thesis).

Raju Das, Nurul Absar.

  1. Quality Assessment of Repeatedly Frying Oils of Chattogram Local Street Shops and Comparative Study with Refined Oils.

J. M. Kamirul Hasan Chowdhury,  Taslima Musa, Md. Mahbubul Islam.