Students Activities

The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology is full of numerous activities all the year round. Besides the regular academic and administrative events, the department organizes and participates in activities ranging from social and cultural extravaganzas to scientific research and idea-based competitions and sports spectacles. Majority of these are organized by the students of the department while some are organized by other universities where the BBTech department students joins in for either competition or general participation. The students are always encouraged to join these activities actively with enthusiasm and vigor.

Cultural Activities

In accordance with the rich cultural pedigree of the department, the most notable of all the activities celebrated in the department are the yearlong cultural activities. These celebrations include the First Year Inauguration Festival, Bangla New Year Celebration, First Day of Spring, Independence Day, Victory Day and others. These celebrations are organized by the students and all the faculty and alumni members are invited for reunion and festivity. The department also celebrates colorfest organized by the senior most students.

Scientific Research Programs

Scientific poster presentations are arranged and participated by current students. These events are frequently arranged throughout the year as a part of the curriculum and sometimes competition. The frequency of this event increases around major competitions in local and international arena. Students of the department are committed to scientific competitions and their performance have brought glory for the department several times. The students have won awards for poster presentation in Science Carnival held in Chittagong University, International Conference on Natural Science and Technology (ICNST'19) held in Asian University for Women (AUW), Network of Young Biotechnologist of Bangladesh- NYBB, Dhaka University and Biotechnology Fair held in National Institute of Biotechnology.

Besides the scientific events, the students also participates in various other competitions organized by other universities such as IQ Master organized by East Delta University, Startup Bangladesh-iDEA Project, ICT Division and Asia Youth International Model United Nations.


Numerous sports events are organized by the university as well as the department. Current students of BBTech also organized Mujib Shotoborsho Cricket Tournament -2020. The students are always encouraged to participate and compete in these tournament and display their athletic skills, leadership and team prowess in a friendly competition with their peers. 

Annual Excursion

One of the most important event organized by the senior most students of the B.Sc. program is the annual excursion. The expedition is funded by the department, sponsors and the students themselves. It is customary for the senior most students to arrange, spearhead and organize this voyage which builds up massive team spirit, firsthand knowledge about interesting places and culture along with mutual respect and leadership. The department believes these events will be extremely beneficial for the student’s careers and future endeavors. Along with this event, similar excursions are encouraged and partially funded by the department where all the alumni are invited for congregating and reminiscing.