Faculty of Business Administration at a glance:

University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC) has opened up a new horizon for the business community of the country by launching 'Faculty of Business Administration' in the year of 1996 - which is indeed a bold step by the university in fulfilling mission. Since last 10-15 years, there has been a major shift in the economic policy of the government.Many Industrail units were denationalized.Privatization in practically all sectors of the economy was encouraged. Incentives and facilities were made very liberal and we have witnessed the emergence of a strong private sector.The transition from a centrailzed economy to a free market economy and phenomenal technological development made significant impact on the fundamental economic issues and management practices.It is now widely admitted that if Bangladesh is to beneft from the emerging pro-market policies ,it must professionalize industrial management and expand and improve existing management development programmes and facilities.

Special Features of MBA(Executive) Program:

  • Classes are held during weekends i. e. Friday and Saturday.
  • Special Waiver in tuition fees for engineers with Institition of Engineering of Engineers(IEB) membership.
  • Resource persons possessing high professional and academic backgrounds are selected for this program.
  • This program offered at competitvely low cost within the afforadable limit.
  • Program structure and Duration:

  • Duration and Eligiblity Criteria for Admission on MBA Program (For BBA Gradutes)
    Program Duration Eligibility
    MBA(For Executive) 1.5 Years As per UGC Rules
  • Admission Test and Evalution

    Examination committee shall arrange the admission test of total marks 100. Distrubutions of marks are as follows:

    Particulars Marks
    Written Test 80
    Viva-voce 20
    Total 100
    Examination committee shall decide regrading evalution; selection and other examination related affairs:

  • Admission & Fees Structure

    Financial structure of MBA program at USTC is very competitive and is subject to change as per decision of the authority from time to time

    Admission fee:(Once at the time of Admission) BDT 10,000tk
    Regristration fees:(Once at the time of Admission) BDT 1000tk
    Semester - wise tuition fees: (22,500+22,500,+22,500) BDT 67,500
    Semester - wise exam fees: (2000+2000,+2000) BDT 6000
    Total BDT 84,500tk
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive) for Executive(1.5 Years)
    • Name of the Offered Courses in 1st Semester

    • Total Credit: 15

    1st Semester (5 Courses) Credit
    Course Code Course Title
    EM 101 Management & Organizational Behavior 03
    EM 102 Supply Chain Management 03
    EM 103 Managerial Economics 03
    EM 104 Research Methodology 03
    EM 105 Managerial Accounting 03

    • Name of the Offered Courses in 2nd Semester
    • Total Credit: 15

    2nd Semester (5 Courses) Credit
    Course Code Course Title
    EM 201 Human Resources Management

    EM 202 Marketing Management 03
    EM 203 Production & Operations Management 03
    EM 204 International Business Management 03
    EM 205 Managerial Finance 03

    • 3rd Semester: Four courses from Specialization will be offered and one Compulsory course:

    MBA Specialization” courses from Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Supply Chain Management.

    • Total Credit for in Semester: 18

    • MBA Specialization for Final Semester:
    • Any five courses from the following lists will be offered for each including ‘Strategic Management’ as compulsory.

    Name of the MBA specialization Courses

    MF 401 Strategic Management (Currently Offered)
    MF 402 Corporate Finance (Currently Offered)
    MF 403 Real Estate Finance
    MF 404 Financial Markets & Institutions
    MF 405 International Finance (Currently Offered)
    MF 406 Project Management (Currently Offered)
    MF 407 Special Tools in Finance
    MF 408 Case Studies in Finance
    MF 409 Financial Engineering & Derivatives (Currently Offered)
    MF 411 Insurance & Risk Management
    MF 412 Credit Management
    MF 413 Advanced Financial Analysis & Control
    MF 414 Investment & Portfolio Management
    MF 415 Financial Decision Making
    MF 416 International Banking
    MF 417 Advanced Financial Management
    MF 418 Corporate Governance & Company Law

    MA 401 Strategic Management
    MA 402 Advanced Accounting
    MA 403 Costing and Budgetary Control
    MA 404 Auditing
    MA 405 Accounting Theory
    MA 406 Forensic Accounting
    MA 407 Taxation
    MA 408 International Accounting
    MA 409 Human Resource Accounting

    MM 401 Strategic Management (Currently Offered)
    MM 402 Consumer Behavior (Currently Offered)
    MM 403 Product Planning & Development
    MM 404 Marketing Research (Currently Offered)
    MM 405 International Marketing (Currently Offered)
    MM 406 Strategic Marketing
    MM 407 E-Marketing
    MM 408 Advertising & Sales Promotion
    MM 409 Marketing Communication
    MM 410 Brand Management (Currently Offered)
    MM 411 Environmental Marketing

    MI 401 Strategic Management
    MI 402 System Analysis & Design
    MI 403 Management Information Systems
    MI 404 Database Management
    MI 405 Applied Artificial Intelligence
    MI 406 Computer Based Simulation System
    MI 407 Data Communication System
    MI 408 Advanced Management Information Systems
    MI 409 Design Support & Expert Systems
    MI 410 Networking
    MI 411 Seminar on Advanced MIS
    MI 412 Computer Programming
    MI 413 E-Business & E-Commerce
    MI 414 Project Management
    MI 415 Web Development

    MH 401 Strategic Management (Currently Offered)
    MH 402 Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy
    MH 403 Industrial Relations
    MH 404 Industrial & Labor Laws
    MH 405 Compensation Management
    MH 406 Human Behavior in Organization
    MH 407 Leadership
    MH 408 Human Resources Training & Development (Currently Offered)
    MH 409 Strategic Human Resource Management
    MH 410 International HRM
    MH 411 Human Resource Accounting Systems (Currently Offered)
    MH 412 Industrial Management & Labor Relations (Currently Offered)
    MH 413 Entrepreneurship Development
    MH 414 Compliance Management
    MH 415 Human Resource Information Systems
    MH 416 Conflict and Crisis Management (Currently Offered)

    MS 401 Strategic Management (Currently Offered)
    MS 402 Logistics and Distribution Management (Currently Offered)
    MS 403 Strategic Supply Chain Management
    MS 404 Project Management (Currently Offered)
    MS 405 Materials Management (Currently Offered)
    MS 406 Procurement and Global Sourcing (Currently Offered)
    MS 407 Purchasing and Demand Management
    MS 408 Quality Management
    MS 409 Operations Planning and Control