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Pharmacy Department Laboratory Details

Core laboratory

Sl NoLaboratory NameRoom NoSize (Sq.ft)
1.Inorganic and Physical Pharmacy Laboratory5th Floor650 Sq.ft
2.Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Laboratory5th Floor650 Sq. ft
3.Organic Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory5th Floor650 Sq. ft
4.Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory7th Floor500 Sq.ft
5.Physiology and Pharmacology Laboratory4th Floor700 Sq.ft
6.Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory5th Floor650 Sq. ft
7.Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology Laboratory6th Floor650 Sq.ft
8.Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Laboratory6th Floor650 Sq.ft

Research Facilities

Sl NoLaboratory NameRoom NoSize (Sq.ft)
1.Centre for Advanced Biomedical Research LaboratoryRoom 701850 Sq.ft
2.Bio-informatics & Molecular Dynamics Simulation LaboratoryRoom 601 A650 Sq. ft
3.Animal Experimental Lab7th Floor1200 Sq.ft

Additional Lab Facilities

Sl NoLaboratory NameRoom NoSize (Sq.ft)
1.Computer Laboratory3rd Floor800 Sq. ft
2.Medicinal Plant Garden and Herbarium CornerD Block, Ground floor, 5th Floor2000 Sq. ft
3.Pharmaceutical Industrial Corner5th Floor500 Sq. ft
4.Model Pharmacy display center5th Floor200 Sq. ft