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Dr. Md Akther Uddin

Associate Professor
Finance and Banking


Dr. Akther has been working as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC) since September, 2023. Prior to joining USTC he worked as an Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer at the School of Business in University of Creative Technology Chittagong (UCTC) for over six and half years. Moreover, he served as the Head of the Department and Program Coordinator of the School of Business for six years.  He is a trilingual (Bengali, English, and Russian), multidisciplinary educator and researcher. He has over 12 years of learning, teaching and research experience from Russia, Malaysia, the UK, and Bangladesh. He received his Ph.D (Educational Psychology) from the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE), a leading research University in Russia and Eastern Europe. He also completed MSc (Islamic Finance) from INCEIF, Malaysia, a center of excellence accredited by AACSB. Dr. Akther started his career as a Senior Officer (Credit Appraisal) at the Delta Brac Housing Finance Company Ltd (DBH) in 2007. Prior to that, he completed MBA and BBA with the Vice-Chancellor Gold medal from the Premier University Chittagong.

Throughout his academic career, he has gained valuable experience in working for funded and non-funded research projects and published papers in high-quality journals in the area of Finance, Economics, Banking and Education. He has already supervised over 40 MBA students. As of now, he has published over 25 research articles including 11 in Scopus indexed journals. Notable journals where his papers have been published are: Economic Modelling (ABDC (A*), Cite Score: 6.3), International Journal of Finance and Economics(ABDC(B), ABS(3*) Cite Score: 4.2), Journal of International Trade & Economic Development (ABDC(B), Cite Score:2.9)Australian Economic Papers(ABDC(B), Cite Score: 2.8), Studies in Economics and Finance (ABDC(B), Cite Score: 3.3), Managerial Finance(ABDC(B), Cite Score: 2.3), International Journal of Law and Management (ABDC(C), Cite Score:2.9), and Psychological Science and Education (Cite Score:1.5), and International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management (Cite Score:2.9). Based on the last 10 years publications, he was ranked among top 10 in REPEC Top 25% authors in Bangladesh with the score of 8.59.

In addition to that he has written five book chapters with the world renowned editors and publishers: Springer Cham, Emerald, DeGruyter, and IGI. He also contributed 15 opinion editorials to leading local and national Dailies (13 in English and 2 in Bengali). His OpEds have been featured in the following leading dailies of Bangladesh: The Financial Express, The Daily Sun, New Age, The New Nation, The Independent, and The Business Standard.

Moreover, he has presented over 30 conference papers including 18 in the last 7 years. Importantly, his involvement in various research projects helped him networking with the esteemed researchers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Canada, the UK and the USA. He has attended fully funded workshops, certificate courses, and seminars in Russia, England, Malaysia, Lithuania, Maldives, and Indonesia.


Program Affiliated

Areas of Interest

  • Psychology of Sustainable Finance
  • Islamic Finance
  • Uncertainty
  • Crypto Assets and Educational Technology

Courses Taught

Graduate Courses:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Finance
  • International Financial Management

Undergraduate Courses:      

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Research Methodology
  • Bank Fund Management
  • International Finance
  • Introduction to Financial Institutions and Markets

Journals & Articles

  • Hoque, M. E., Soo-Wah, L., Uddin, M. A., & Rahman, A. (2023). International trade policy uncertainty spillover on stock market: Evidence from fragile five economies. The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 32(1), pp.104-131. [SSCI/ISI, ABS(1), ABDC(B), Scopus, Taylor and Francis, (Cite Score:2.9)] DOI: 10.1080/09638199.2022.2072520
  • Ali, M. H., Schinckus, C., Uddin, M. A., & Pahlevansharif, S. (2022). Asymmetric effects of economic policy uncertainty on Bitcoin’s hedging power. Studies in Economics and Finance, (ahead-of-print). (Corresponding Author) [ESCI, ABS(1), ABDC(B), Scopus, Emerald, (Cite Score: 3.3)] DOI: 10.1108/SEF-05-2021-0186
  • Ali, M. H., Uddin, M. A., Khan, M. A. R., & Goud, B. (2021). Faith‐based versus value‐based finance: Is there any portfolio diversification benefit between responsible and Islamic finance?. International Journal of Finance & Economics, 26(4), pp. 5570-5583. (Corresponding Author) [SSCI/ISI, ABS(3), ABDC(B), Scopus, Wiley, (Cite Score: 4.2)]  DOI:
  • Uddin, M.A. & Uddin S.M.S. (2021). Microfinance and Debt Trap: An Ethnographic Evidence From a Village in Bangladesh, International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management, 12(3), pp. 1-11. (First and Corresponding Author) [ESCI, Scopus, IGI] DOI: 10.4018/IJABIM.20210701.oa24
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  • Ali, M. H., Uddin, M. A., Chowdhury, M. A. F., & Masih, M. (2019). Cross-country evidence of Islamic portfolio diversification: are there opportunities in Saudi Arabia?. Managerial Finance45(1), pp. 36-53. (Corresponding Author) [ESCI, ABS (1), ABDC(B), Scopus Emerald, (Cite Score: 2.3)]
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