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Jannatul Naima

Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Jannatul Naima holds a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Chittagong. Currently, she is a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Science and Technology, Chittagong (USTC). Her area of research focuses on 3-D MMIC and Semiconductor Technology. She had received the prestigious ‘ICT Fellowship’ from the ICT Division of the Bangladesh Government for her Master’s thesis. Additionally, she was awarded the ‘UGC Merit Scholarship’ in recognition of her outstanding undergraduate academic performance.


  • M.S. (Eng.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • B.Sc. (Eng.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Program Affiliated

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Areas of Interest

  • Semiconductor Devices
  • 3D Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
  • High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)
  • Nonlinear Device Modeling and Applications
  • Advanced Heterojunction Microwave Circuits and Devices

Courses Taught

  • Data Communication
  • Digital Electronics
  • Digital Electronics Lab

Journals & Articles

  • M. A. Alim, J. Naima & A. A. Rezazadeh, “Thermal Sensitivity of Microwave Pseudomorphic High-Electron-Mobility Transistor Performance: Pre and Post Multilayer Technology,” Phys. Status Solidi(a), vol. 218, no. 18, pp. 1–8, 2021, doi:10.1002/pssa.202100290.
  • M. A. Alim, J. Naima, S. Sultana, S. Alam, F. S. Jui, and A. A. Rezazadeh, “Multi-Bias and Nonlinear Distortion Analysis for GaAs Nano-HEMT: Performance Projection,” 2022 IEEE Global Conf. on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies (GlobConPT), New Delhi, India, 2022, pp. 1-5, doi:10.1109/GlobConPT57482.2022.9938350.
  • M. A. Alim, S. Sultana, J. Naima, F. S. Jui, Sabrina Alam, and A.A. Rezazadeh, “Performance projection of multi‐bias and nonlinear distortion for gallium arsenides nano‐pHEMT,” International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields, vol. 36, no. 4, Nov. 2022, doi: 10.1002/jnm.3081.