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Prospect of Green Hydrogen and Sustainable Energy Technology for Bangladesh

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering arranged an industrial lecture on “Prospect of Green Hydrogen and Sustainable Energy Technology for Bangladesh” on 15th September 2022. This program was inaugurated by Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam, Vice Chancellor of the University of Science & Technology Chittagong. Mr. Md Abdus Salam the keynote speaker, project director of the BCSIR told that one kg of hydrogen could be generated from nine liters of water. About 33.33 kWh (Kilowatt- hour) of energy comes from one kg of hydrogen fuel, while petrol and concentrated natural gas provided 12 kWh and 14.7 kWh, respectively. A car can run 100.131 kilometers using one kg of hydrogen fuel, whereas a traditional vehicle runs 16 km using one liter of petrol. Besides, production, delivery, and distribution costs were taken into consideration to determine the price of hydrogen fuel for usability, with the current unit price ranging from $1.60-10. Hydrogen fuel systems do not require extensive infrastructure development and investment along with traditional fuel systems. Besides, hydrogen production is very promising in Bangladesh due to the abundance of water and biomass.

“In addition, hydrogen fuel will boost energy security, energy reserves, and the national economy,” Salam said.

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