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Research Ideation Contest – RIC

Research Ideation Contest (RIC)-2024

25th January, 2024, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (FSET)

Intra University Idea Generation Competition:
With the intention of giving students a deeper understanding of the state of the tech sector today and the business requirements of the computing world, the faculty of Science, Engineering, and Technology (FSET) of USTC is going to arrange a “Research Ideation Contest (RIC)”. Students of all departments of USTC are invited to participate in this contest as a team.

The topics of the Idea would be related to:

• Science & Engineering
• Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Science
• Business
• Literature & Social Science


Any student/team from any department of USTC who takes an interest in any innovative idea about Science, Engineering, Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Administration, Social-science and Humanities can participate in this contest.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Novelty of idea
  2. Relevance of problem & solution
  3. Feasibility of solution
  4. Presentation/Communication
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Social Impact

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Must bring a university-valid ID card/ recommendation from the respective department chairman.
  2. Be well dressed up.
  3. The team size will be a maximum of 1-3 students.
  4. The participant is requested to submit their presentation slide in PDF or PPT format.
  5. The presentation slides should not be more than 10.
  6. Presentation Time: Maximum 15 minutes (10 min presentation and 5 min Q/A).

Submission Process:

Registration link:

The important deadlines are as follows:

Idea Submission Deadline: 23nd January, 2024
Presentation Date: 25th January, 2024
Participant Type: Individual or Group
Venue: USTC Campus, D-block, Foy’s Lake, Chattogram