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A seminar held about FUNDAMENTALS OF CRYPTOGRAPHY in CSE department. DR. IFTEKHAR SALAM, Associate professor & Head of Programme (Cyber Security) Xiamen University Malaysia Represent this seminar.
Dr. Iftekhar Salam is an Associate Professor at the School of Computing and Data Science at Xiamen University Malaysia. He received his B.Eng. degree from Multimedia University, Malaysia, in 2008, his M.Sc. degree from Dongseo University, South Korea, in 2011, and his PhD degree from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, in 2018. From 2011 to 2018, Iftekhar held academic and research positions in Korean, Malaysian, and Australian universities and research institutes. Since 2018 he has been working as an academic staff at Xiamen University Malaysia. Iftekhar’s main research expertise is in cryptology, focusing on designing and analysing symmetric cryptographic primitives. His research also explores other areas of information security, including but not limited to privacy-preserving computation, searchable encryption, Blockchain and its applications, and machine learning-based cryptanalysis.

Date: March 14th, 2024
Organized by:
CSE Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

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